Sircal PD-2012 Portatif Soy Gaz Kurutucu

The PD-2012 Portable Rare Gas Dryer is a standalone unit for drying argon or any rare gas: helium, neon, xenon and krypton, in laboratories or on-site in-line between your gas supply and instrument, e.g. Arc/Spark Optical Emission Spectrometers. I »»»

Cronus Syringe Filters

4, 13, 25mm ölçülerde, Nylon, PVDF, PTFE, RC, CA membranlarla »»»

Sper Scientific 300037 Programlanabilir Masaüstü Refraktometre

- CCD Scanner Teknolojisi, - Opsiyonel sofware kontrolü, - Otomatik kalibrasyon, programlanabilir, - Otomatik Sıcaklık Kompenzasyonu, - 0-95% Brix, - 1.3300-1.5318 nD »»»

AZI Computrac VaporProFx Oil Moisture Analyzer - Yağda Nem Tayin Cihazı - Green Karl Fischer

Green Karl Fischer Alternative, Moisture Specific Relative Humidity Sensor Technology The Vapor Pro® Fx moisture analyzer accurately measures moisture levels in liquids and most oils down to 10 ppm. Results are achieved »»»

AZI Computrac MAX5000XL Moisture Analyzer - Nem Tayin Cihazı

Moisture, Solids & Ash Analyzer Rapid loss-on-drying instrumentation has proven to provide a more desirable method of moisture measurement when compared to traditional loss-on-drying techniques. The ease of use and reduction i »»»

Sper Scientific AquaShock Portatif Phmetre ATC li 850057K

Rugged, reliable, accurate • Shockproof • IP67 Waterproof • Floats • Also accepts standard BNC probes • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery • Protective soft-grip outer layer »»»